Malware Attack Across the Globe

Today, there is a large-scale cyber attack affecting nearly one hundred countries and has held tens of thousands of computers ransom throughout the day.  You can read more here:

Today your data is secured in SEN Technology’s cloud, which is protected by redundant and distributed systems. We have built systems to ensure our customers are secure, but most small and mid-size businesses are far from secure. You may have noticed that these attacks are becoming more widespread and more severe every time. It’s horrific. 

Please forward this email to your vendors and partners and make them aware. We would be delighted to send them information on hardening their security profile or help them choose the right hosted virtual desktop environment. Your environment is secure, but what happens if your suppliers or customers are taken offline due to malicious malware?

We want to help, even if that means giving free information and direction. It’s avoidable.